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    12 M/M Romances for Christmas

    I’m cheating a bit with this book list – because I’ve read several of them already, so I can tell you that they’re good right off the bat! And since it’s still early in the season, I’m sure that several other new books will come out that I can add to be to be read pile this year 😉 So without any further ado, here are 12 M/M romance books that I plan to read for Christmas! ___ All I Want Shy retail clerk Elliott Gaffney’s Christmas wish isn’t something Santa can grant him, but that doesn’t stop it from being his favorite time of year. Especially since he gets…

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    Cheap Gift Idea: DIY Coloring Book

    Guys. Guys! I don’t know about you, but I kind of dig the adult coloring book trend. Except… they’re so expensive. I like that the adult coloring books have more intricate designs (although some of them seem a little too intricate, tbh) and higher quality paper than most children’s coloring books, but I gotta tell you, the sticker shock has me putting them back down about 99% of the time. Maybe it would be different if I actually liked every design? But… it’s not worth it paying those prices when I can only see myself getting around to just a handful of pages. Enter today’s gift idea: the DIY Christmas coloring…

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    How to Plan a Holiday Dinner

    Here’s a fact about me: I’m dreadfully antisocial. I put the grr in the Grinch. I don’t like making small talk, and the idea of being stuck in the middle of a crowd makes me cringe. But I love throwing dinner parties and the fuss and hubbub of holiday meals. I start thinking about what I’m going to cook months before anyone else does (as evidenced by this posting, in September!) and I absolutely delight in the idea of holiday leftovers for days. Buuut, I do know that it is a lot of work, and even when you think you’ve got everything down and manageable, it’s pretty easy for something…

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    A Vintage Christmas Playlist

    It’s really difficult to prune your selection of Christmas music. There are so many amazing songs, and variations on favorite songs, that it can be difficult to know where to start. Every year I discover new Christmas music that makes me smile and uplifts my spirit! Today’s playlist is a collection of old fashioned tunes from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s, many of them classic jazz Christmas favorites. Want a listen? You can find it [here on Spotify]! Stay tuned for more holiday playlists in the coming weeks 🙂

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    12 Christmas Cozies

    Let’s be real – my to be read list is huge. I purged nearly all of it earlier this year and it’s already built back up to enormous levels. And that was before I added in the Christmas books 😉 Stay tuned for more book lists coming! Here’s my list of Christmas cozies that I’m hoping to read this holiday season. All of them are in Kindle Unlimited at the time of this posting, and all of them are rated four stars or higher. I’ve prioritized beginning of series books, too, because I’ve only really started to get into reading cozy mystery books this year, so I’m less familiar with…