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Cheap Gift Idea: DIY Coloring Book

Guys. Guys!

I don’t know about you, but I kind of dig the adult coloring book trend. Except… they’re so expensive. I like that the adult coloring books have more intricate designs (although some of them seem a little too intricate, tbh) and higher quality paper than most children’s coloring books, but I gotta tell you, the sticker shock has me putting them back down about 99% of the time. Maybe it would be different if I actually liked every design? But… it’s not worth it paying those prices when I can only see myself getting around to just a handful of pages.

Enter today’s gift idea: the DIY Christmas coloring book.

You can do this one of two ways:

The Super Cheap Version
  1. Find some images you like from the links below
  2. Print them out on regular computer paper
  3. Add a cover
  4. Use a three hole punch on the pages and either bind together with a ribbon or pop them into a thin, unused binder.
The Upscale Version
  1. Find some images you like from the links below
  2. Have them printed on card stock at a local printer/office store
  3. Leave the pages loose, but wrap them neatly in twine
  4. Add a fancy set of markers (or your recipients favorite coloring tools)
  5. Pop the bundle into a reasonably sized box and wrap as usual

See? Simple. And if you have the wrapping materials on hand, that cuts down even further on the expense!

As far as free Christmas themed pages, these are some of what I was able to find online:

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Joy to the World
2 Free Typography printables
Santa Claus
92 Christmas Coloring pages
6 Free Printables
Winter Cardinal
Penguin Family
Mr. Penguin
Winter Raccoon
Singing Birds
6 ChristmasScapes from Dover
4 Dover Snowflake Mandalas
5 Winter Scenes from Dover
Christmas Collection at Bible Printables
Frozen Coloring Page
6 Christmas Doodles
Johanna Basford Christmas Star
Christmas Tree

If that’s not enough, but you’d rather have hand selected images than a bought coloring book, my suggestion would be look through the stock images at DepositPhotos or a similar stock photo site. …This suggestion might really only be economical if you already have a subscription or image pack, but if you do, you’re golden!

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